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How Your Child Can Get Invisible Braces (And Still Fit In)

Posted on April 13, 2021

When it comes to dentistry for kids, many issues and complications can come up. One of the most common that appears is having misaligned teeth, crevices, or jaw problems. Unfortunately, many that visit the dentist are not qualified or trained to solve these issues. Instead, you need to visit an orthodontist to help with these issues.

Since orthodontists are specifically trained to help give you an amazing smile full of white, straight teeth, they will waste no time in helping you out. Especially with all the improvements that have been made in invisible braces or other orthodontic tools, there is literally no reason to worry about having a mouth full of wires or being socially ostracized because of it.

In this brief article, we’ll talk about some of the amazing benefits of invisible braces like Invisalign. They’re similar, but also radically different from lingual braces (which go on the back of the teeth). Once you learn about them, you may want to consider getting a pair for yourself AND your child!

They’re Easy And Efficient

Since Invisalign aligners are made out of plastic that has been perfectly form-fitted to your mouth, they’re easy to put in and keep in. In fact, Invisalign aligners are changed about every 2 weeks. Complex movements require 3 weeks of wear and less complex movements require 10 days of wear. When you start your treatment, you’ll be given a schedule that you should adhere to for maximum benefit. Unlike dentistry for kids, there needs to be no squirming and no fear after sizing your teeth up. You just pop in the aligners and wait for them to do their magic.

Did We Mention That They’re Removable?

Not only are invisible braces super easy to put in and fit to your teeth, but they’re also removable at will. Take that, metal braces! Instead of being stuck with wires and brackets for the rest of your days, graduate into the plastic and seamless world of Invisalign or other invisible braces. Not only are they vastly more comfortable, but this means that you can eat your favorite foods at will and still come out on top with amazing oral hygiene. When it comes to dentistry for kids, nothing makes it easier than putting the power to keep their mouth clean back in their own hands.

Nobody Will Even Know You Have Them On

OK, so invisible braces aren’t truly invisible. If someone looks close enough, they can still see that you’re wearing a clear retainer on your teeth. But for all practical purposes, whether you’re smiling for a photo or at a potential sweetheart, nobody will know that you’re currently using braces to get an amazing smile. To the naked eye, they basically ARE invisible! In this way, compared to the traditional metal variety they are basically invisible, seamless, and non-irritating in every conventional way.

Insurance Usually Covers Them

If you’re worried about not being able to pay for such fancy, amazing braces, don’t worry! Invisalign and other generic invisible aligners have become so popular in recent years that dental insurance has made improvements in paying for them. Check with your insurance provider to see what works for you, or ask your orthodontist if they have a payment plan or discounts available. Where there’s a will, there is also usually a way. Orthodontists want to get you inside their offices to help you out with getting you or your child the smile you’ve always wanted

Invisible Braces Are The Real Deal

Whether you’re wowed by the seemingly invisible (to the naked eye) quality of invisible braces or their seamless integration into any mouth, they certainly are the real deal. Because they’re removable, they put the power back into your child’s hands where dentistry for kids is concerned (no special brushes or wires to clean), while keeping them looking great. While invisible braces have traditionally been more expensive, that is changing now that insurance companies realize how much people want them and are trying to get them. Besides this, orthodontists usually have payment plans available and various discounts for new patients. When you’re searching for braces treatment for your child, look no further than invisible retainers: they’re the real deal! Contact us today to book your free orthodontic consultation with Bridge City Braces!

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