Invisalign is a corrective treatment that consists of a series of clear aligners that are slightly adjusted over time to apply pressure to your teeth and gradually shift them into place for your dream smile. These clear aligners have gained popularity recently because of the freedom they allow patients and their virtually invisible design. Never before has there been a corrective treatment that allows you to work toward the smile you’ve always wanted without altering your appearance during the process.

This treatment fits perfectly into any lifestyle, and patients enjoy that they can remove their aligners whenever the occasion arises. This means you can eat, drink, take pictures, and more without your appliances.

How Do I Care For My Invisalign Aligners?

Caring for your aligners is simple, and you can clean them daily during your oral health care routine. After you finish brushing your teeth and flossing, we recommend that you take your toothbrush and some warm water and gently scrub the inside and outside of your aligners to free them of harmful bacteria and food debris. This step is essential because you don’t want to put dirty aligners back on freshly cleaned teeth and further tooth problems.

What Is The Treatment Process?

Every treatment at Bridge City Braces begins with a free ortho consult. We will assess your orthodontic needs and discuss your expectations for treatment during this time. The first step of the Invisalign process is to use a digital scanner to give us a complete picture of your smile so that we can digitally construct a model. Our team uses this digital model to show you what your teeth look like after completing Invisalign treatment. It also allows us to print aligners that fit snugly over your teeth and provide ultimate comfort.

Every two weeks, you will receive a new set of aligners that have been slightly altered to gradually shift your teeth into the correct position. These aligners are printed in a thermoplastic called SmartTrack® that has been engineered for patient comfort. Your Invisalign aligners are easily removable, so you can take them out for special occasions or just to eat and drink. Invisalign gives you complete flexibility to enjoy your corrective treatment in a way that works for you and results in a happier and healthier smile.

How Long Do I Have To Wear My Aligners For Each Day?

For the best results, we encourage you to wear your Invisalign for at least 20-22 hours a day. For your teeth to shift into place for your dream smile, they need to have consistent pressure to keep them from moving back into their original positions. While it’s essential for you to wear your aligners for the majority of the day, you still have time to remove your aligners to eat, drink, and more.

Are There Any Food Restrictions With Invisalign?

No! You can eat all of your favorite foods without worrying about breaking your appliance or prolonging your treatment. Just remember to take your aligners out before you start eating and put them back in when you’re done.

Do I Still Need To See My Dentist While Wearing Invisalign?

There is a common misconception that you don’t have to visit your dentist during corrective treatment. While we are experts in our field, dentists and orthodontists specialize in different aspects of your oral health. You should continue attending your regularly scheduled visits with your general dentist to ensure that you maintain excellent oral health.