Our practice believes that patients of all ages deserve the opportunity to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted. Braces are a transformative treatment that has helped many of our adult patients improve their aesthetics and oral health. Although braces have existed for generations, our appliances are an evolved version of this treatment. With metal and clear ceramic braces, you can enjoy the classically beautiful results with a sleeker and more efficient appliance.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

At Bridge City Braces, we believe that braces are an investment in a lifetime of beautiful and healthier smiles. That being said, we understand that sometimes it takes planning and assistance to make this investment, and that’s why we’ve created flexible financing plans that we can customize to best serve your budget. Not only do we provide in-house financing, but we also partner with various insurance providers to help cover the costs of this life-changing corrective treatment. During your initial consult, we will detail the financials of your braces so you have a clear idea of how much they will cost.

Am I Too Old For Braces?

A healthier and more confident smile is the best accessory at any age. More adults than ever are seeking corrective treatment because they understand that orthodontics goes beyond improved aesthetics. Braces may be necessary for you to have a better functioning smile so you can chew, speak, bite, and more without any discomfort. Typically, adults experience this discomfort because of oral health issues left untreated when they were younger or happened because of an accident when they were older.

It’s a common misconception that braces are meant for teenage patients when, in reality, corrective treatment is for all ages. Braces are a time-tested appliance that has been refined to near perfection over the last few decades. They are sleeker and more effective than ever before, making them the perfect appliance for our adult patients who are looking for a better smile in less time.

What Type Of Time Frame Am I Looking At?

Our team develops custom treatment plans for each of our patients designed to address each of their unique orthodontic issues. Because our plans are personalized, there is no one size fits all timeline. We pride ourselves on offering honest, quality treatment, and we will never rush to get you out of braces before your smile is ready. For lasting results, we take our time and pay close attention to every detail of your mouth and jaw.

The time you spend in braces will depend on the extent of the issues that need attention and how well you care for your appliance. Most of our patients can get their braces removed within one to two years and then enjoy their dream smiles for a lifetime.

What Type Of Braces Should I Get?

At Bridge City Braces, we offer traditional metal and clear ceramic braces. Both appliances are highly efficient and can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, but the right type of braces for you depends on your treatment expectations.

Traditional metal braces have been a staple of orthodontic offices for generations because they are guaranteed to deliver beautiful results in a shortened timeline. While previous versions of this appliance may have been bulky, our braces are made of sleek stainless steel that offers a more discreet appearance while being equally effective. These braces consist of steel brackets that are placed on each tooth and connected with a wire that is adjusted throughout your treatment. Colored bands are used to bind the bracket to the wire, and you can customize your color choices and show off your personality.

Ceramic braces are just as effective as traditional braces, but they use ceramic brackets that blend in with the natural coloring of your teeth. This appliance is popular among our adult patients because they benefit from the time-tested design of braces while enjoying more natural aesthetics. While the ceramic brackets may be more aesthetically pleasing, it’s important to note they are less durable than the steel version. The clear material may break if you aren’t careful, so traditional metal braces may be a better fit for some of our patients.