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Pediatric Dentistry

Our Pediatric Dental Specialist, Dr. Kat Martin is committed to maintaining the highest standards in pediatric dental care.

As the pediatric dentist Pittsburgh and Cranberry area parents trust, Dr. Martin specializes in providing services for infants, children and adolescents with the overall goal of establishing great oral health habits and a program of preventative dental care during early childhood.

Parents who have been concerned about the oral health of their families have been searching for “who is the best kids dentist near me”? Families in Cranberry and Pittsburgh have found their pediatric dentist in Dr. Kat Martin at Bridge City Braces. With our two locations, families can find the best pediatric dentist in Cranberry or Pittsburgh at Bridge City Braces.

Dr. Katayoon Martin


Dr. Kat is a native of Ohio. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology, with a Spanish Minor from Boston University. She pursued a Master’s Degree in Public Health from The Ohio State University. She then went on to attend Tufts University School of Dental Medicine where she found great success receiving her Doctorate in Dental Medicine, honoring her National Boards, receiving a Merit Scholarship, completing her specialty training in Pediatric Dentistry, and meeting her husband Dr. Martin. She is a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist and a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. She lives in Cranberry Township with her family and is the proud mother of a daughter and a son.

Pediatric Dental Services

As the pediatric dentist Pittsburgh and Cranberry area parents trust, Dr. Martin specializes in providing services for infants, children and adolescents with the overall goal of establishing great oral health habits and a program of preventative dental care during early childhood.


Radiographs and X-rays allow us to get a better view under gums and between teeth so we can identify underlying issues and make more informed treatment decisions.

Your child should have cleanings scheduled about every six months so they can maintain a bright and healthy smile. We use these appointments to give their teeth a deep cleaning and teach them how to take better care of their teeth at home. Our dental hygienist will also remove any plaque or buildup hiding in your child’s smile to help defend against issues such as tooth decay and loss.

Sealants are a protective layer that defends your child’s teeth against cavities. The sealant will be placed over their smile to help prevent cavities and decay.

We use fluoride to strengthen your child’s teeth and help prevent decay and tooth loss. If a patient is prone to cavities, we may even suggest a toothpaste with fluoride for them to use at home.

Our team believes that every child deserves to have a great smile they are proud to see in the mirror. We are excited to treat children from all kinds of backgrounds, and we are fully trained to give them the care they need. We understand that an excess of stimulus can be upsetting for kids, so we work with parents to create an environment that makes their children feel comfortable and relaxed.


Your child may need a white filling if we discover a cavity in one of their teeth. These cavities are typically caused by tooth decay from harmful bacteria and acids. By installing fillings, we are able to keep their teeth safe from infection as well as preserve the shape of the tooth. These fillings blend in naturally with their smile, and there is no recovery period from this procedure.

A baby root canal may be necessary to save your child’s tooth if they have a cavity that runs deep near their nerve so that it has been infected. The two types of procedures that may be done in this instance are a pulpotomy or a pulpectomy. A pulpotomy is when just the top of the nerve needs to be cleaned. If the infection reaches deeper and the entire nerve must be cleaned, this is a pulpectomy.

Crowns are a great tool to preserve the shape of a child’s tooth if it lacks structure after the decay is cleaned out. We always want to preserve your child’s natural smile, and crowns act as a cap that covers the tooth and prevents it from further breakage or fracturing. In addition to structural damage, a crown may be recommended if your child’s tooth is hypersensitive after a baby root canal.

A tooth extraction may be recommended if your child’s tooth has deep decay and structural damage, their smile is overcrowded, or they have certain orthodontic needs. We know that kids often have some anxiety when they come into the dentist’s office, so we try to make the experience as comfortable and smooth as possible with different sedation techniques.

Silver Diamine Fluoride, or SDF, is a medicinal liquid that is designed to prevent cavities from growing larger. SDF has been used by generations of dentists as a more comfortable alternative to fillings and crowns. However, it’s important to note that SDF is known to stain the cavity black, so it won’t have the same natural finish as other cavity filling methods.

We know that it is harder for some kids to kick habits such as thumb sucking, nail-biting, tongue thrusting, and more. The prolonged practice of these habits has the potential to damage their smile and affect their oral health. To help combat the effects of these prolonged habits, we offer special appliances that are made to perfectly fit your child’s mouth and address each type of habit.

If your child loses a tooth earlier than expected due to decay or crowding, they may need a space maintainer to preserve room for their adult teeth to grow. Without this appliance, their neighboring teeth may begin to fill this gap resulting in a bigger orthodontic issue down the road.

Our team is passionate about creating happier and healthier smiles for our patients that will last them a lifetime. This is why we’ve gone the extra mile to serve as your local authority in all things cosmetic dentistry. The look and feel of a smile are known to have a tremendous impact on self-confidence, and we want to set your child up for success with techniques that are guaranteed to keep their teeth bright and white.

It’s common for children to feel a little bit of anxiety when they come in for appointments and procedures, and this is why we offer Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas, to help curb this anxiety. Nitrous Oxide is a safe and mild sedative that is breathed in through a mask that we will place over your child’s nose. It will give them a calm feeling that will allow us to move forward with the appointment safely. Once the appointment is complete, we will place them on 100% oxygen for a few minutes until they feel back to normal.

At our practice, we use oral conscious sedation and IV sedation. Oral conscious sedation is administered in the form of a liquid that we will give your child to drink. This will not put your child completely to sleep. Instead, it will just make them feel a little disoriented. This type of sedation lasts a little longer, so you should plan for your child not to go back to school after their appointment and monitor them throughout the day.


We have a dental anesthesiologist for IV sedation that will put your child fully to sleep before the procedure. This type of sedation takes an additional consultation and discussion with an anesthesiologist and is not lightly recommended. Your child should not eat food for a certain amount of time before the procedure or show signs of sickness. If one of these things occurs, you should cancel the appointment and reschedule it for a later date. It’s also possible that they may need medical clearance before they can go under this sedation.

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Our skilled team of professionals are committed to maintaining the highest standards in pediatric dental care and giving you the highest quality service possible.

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